Tips for Planning a Successful School Prom Night

As schools in the UK embrace the tradition of prom evenings, meticulous planning becomes essential for an unforgettable event. To assist you in organizing a successful school prom, we have compiled our top tips to guide you through the process.

1. Form a Committee (and Subcommittees!):

Planning a prom requires teamwork and organization. Establishing a committee is crucial for distributing the workload effectively. Designate a lead person to oversee operations and ensure everyone fulfills their responsibilities. Consider creating subcommittees based on individuals’ strengths and skills. Assign tasks accordingly, such as decorating, graphic design, and budget management.

2. Set a Budget:

Determining the budget is vital in planning your prom. Schools often have dedicated funds or rely on fundraising events to finance the event. Additionally, ticket sales play a significant role in covering costs. Set a ticket price early, striking a balance that generates adequate funds while encouraging attendance. Research previous prom expenses to gain insight into where to begin.

3. Pick a Date and Venue:

A suitable date and venue is key to a successful prom. Popular venue options include hotels, golf clubs, rugby clubs, riverboats, private hire nightclubs, or even the school premises. Consider using a venue that has proven successful in the past. Choose a local venue to minimize costs, and decide whether attendees will arrange their transportation or if the school will provide coaches.

When visiting potential venues, evaluate key aspects such as:

  • Seated meal or buffet? Determine where the buffet will be served if applicable.
  • Dance floor and space for the band or DJ.
  • Bar arrangements: Will it be a paid bar, or will drinks be pre-arranged and included in the ticket price?
  • Photobooth placement.
  • Availability of chill-out areas for guests who prefer not to dance.
  • Decoration guidelines from the venue.
  • Outdoor spaces for guests to relax, particularly during the summer months.
  • Inclusions in the package (food, drinks, DJ).
  • The venue requires payment terms, a cancellation policy, and a breakage deposit.
  • Access timing for decorating purposes.

Choose a date, considering that Thursday and Friday evenings are popular choices. You may find that venues offer discounted packages for Thursday bookings.

1. Food and Drink:

Evening buffets are often preferred over formal sit-down meals for proms. This option allows students to socialize and enjoy the dance floor freely. Consider dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free, halal, nut allergies, etc. Some venues have in-house catering, while others require external caterers. Confirm if the venue provides a list of recommended suppliers. Decide whether to include a drinks package or have attendees purchase drinks at the bar. Offering a welcome drink, such as a mocktail, is customary.

2. Music:

Music plays a vital role in prom entertainment. Choose between hiring a band or a DJ, considering your audience’s preferences. Verify if the venue has preferred suppliers, but ensure their musical style aligns with the taste of your attendees. For bands, request a showreel or try to attend a live performance. Plan for breaks by hiring a separate DJ or using the band’s sound system for a playlist. Some bands offer additional DJ services, so explore this option as well.

3. Decorations and Extras:

Create a subcommittee dedicated to decorations and extra elements that enhance the prom atmosphere. While a specific theme is not necessary, consider establishing a color scheme. Balloons, hanging decorations, and affordable centerpieces can vibrate the venue. Consider additional features like a photographer, a photo booth, entertainment like a casino area or a close-up magician, and award categories like “Best Dressed Guest.” Encourage participation by promoting the prom and selling tickets to ensure a vibrant atmosphere on the night.

Reward yourself and the committee for your hard work by scheduling a day of relaxation after the event.

We hope our tips assist you in planning a remarkable school prom. If you require any rental items for your prom, use our online ordering system or contact us for a no-obligation quote. We value your feedback, so please share any suggestions or additional ideas in the comments below.

Enjoy your prom night and celebrate the successful culmination of your efforts!

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